About Us

No other pediatric healthcare system in the region has the depth and breadth of services that Community Children’s at Community Medical Center has to offer — including specialties and certifications you may not find in many hospitals in major cities. Certainly nowhere else in Montana.

From fetal transfusions for the youngest and tiniest of patients to a neonatal intensive care unit that cares for babies born as early as 23 weeks to the region’s best pediatric therapy specialists, Community Children’s in Missoula, Montana is at the forefront of pediatric medicine. And, our multidisciplinary approach to pediatric care continues until well after a child leaves the hospital.

Yet, as committed we are to being at the leading edge of treatments and technology, we never lose sight of the personal touch and compassion that have become the hallmark of Community Medical Center care. Nothing is more precious than a young life — and nothing more important than the trust parents and families put in us.