Community Resources

Offering support resources beyond medical care.

Providing quality care involves more than medical diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes it requires providing support resources – at a time of crisis, dislocation or other difficult circumstances. Community Children’s is affiliated with several organizations that provide such support, and we collaborate with them to make their services available to the patients and families we serve. Support like this can go a long way toward making people feel better.

Located on the CMC campus, the Ronald McDonald House provides out-of-town families from all across Montana a place to stay at little or no cost when their child is in our pediatric unit, PICU or NICU or is being treated by a specialist. This not only helps facilitate access to advanced medical treatment but also allows families to stay together at a critical time.

The Ronald McDonald House is more than affordable lodging. It’s peace of mind during a time of family stress.

This is a temporary emergency shelter located on our campus is for children who have experienced abuse, neglect, abandonment or family crisis. Social workers affiliated with Community Children’s partner with Watson to provide housing for at-risk pediatric patients until their family crisis is resolved or longer-term support care can be arranged.

This shelter provides young mothers who need a place to live and a network of support as they create safe, stable and nurturing homes of their own. Community Children’s partners with Mountain Home, located adjacent to our campus, to ensure young mothers receive prenatal care, education, medical care and other needed resources for themselves and their newborns.

This nonprofit organization collects, screens, pasteurizes and distributes human donor milk to infants who don’t have access to their own mother’s milk. The 15th established milk bank under the Human Milk Banking Association of North America – and the only human donor milk bank in the five-state region of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Community Medical Center uses donor breast milk from the Mother’s Milk Bank of Montana for babies in the NICU whose mothers don’t produce enough breast milk due to medical illness, preterm delivery, or separation from their infant due to NICU hospitalization. The milk bank is an invaluable resource for our youngest patients at this crucial time in their development.