Daisy Award Winner: Jennifer Crawford, RN

Congratulations to Jennifer Crawford, RN who received this month’s Daisy Award. She was nominated by a recent NICU family.

“I would like to nominate Jennifer Crawford, NICU Unit for the Daisy Award for her above and beyond nursing skills caring for the patients, their Mom and entire extended family during their stay and the extension of her passion outside of the workplace.

As the news of pregnancy spreads throughout a family the thoughts are filled with joy, happiness, gratefulness and very seldom does the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit come across your mind. For our family this was our reality because my sister was pregnant with twins. As common with twins, Callum and Reilly came into the world early at 34 weeks at Community Medical Center on July 21, 2018. Jenn was one of the first nurses I met in the NICU as I arrived to meet the new additions to our family and was our nurse a few times while I was visiting. She has an incredibly calming presence with an authentic and humorous approach. Even though my sister wasn’t a first time Mom, being a Mom of twins is completely different.

Jenn patiently educated my sister through the multiple approaches to feeding and holding both babies as she was a Mom of twins as well. Once I found this out, I asked countless questions about her experience with her twins and how we could best support my sister. Her advice and honesty about the first year had us laughing together but also gave my sister very realistic expectations of what life will look like! Throughout our time with Jenn she made us feel like we were her priority by patiently answering all our questions and showing incredible attention to detail for care of the twins and my sister.

We learned a lot about Jenn during our time spent with her and something that warmed my heart to learn was that she also is a Foster Mother for NICU babies and her home life is an extension of the care that she provides weekly at work. I was in awe, I always knew there was a special place in heaven for NICU nurses, but to bring those home who are without a family is one of the most selfless acts one can perform.

This is just a glimpse of the impact that Jenn has made on our family. We all knew that the babies were well cared for by all the nurses on the NICU, but Jenn showed a special spark that we will keep with us forever. I would love to both personally and professionally nominate Jennifer Crawford for the Daisy Award for not only going above and beyond for my family, but for her selfless and loving care she provides to all of her patients and the foster babies that are and have been in her care.”

-Rebecca Hensley

If you would like to nominate a nurse deserving of The DAISY Award, please fill out our online nomination form. He / She must be an RN (registered nurse) or LPN (licensed practical nurse) involved in direct patient care.