Miracle Twins from Helena who Survived Unequal Placental Sharing

We were sent to Missoula in early October because of a serious placental sharing issue with our twin boys (Teddy and Charlie). It was obvious from the moment we arrived how much Dr. Holbrook and Dr. Fausett cared for us and our babies. Our situation was pretty intense, when we first arrived we thought our little baby (Teddy) might not survive another week or two, but he proved us all wrong! Dr. Fausett and Dr. Holbrook monitored our little guys from 21-weeks to 32-weeks, we met with them three times a week until 30-weeks and then everyday from 30-weeks until 32-weeks. Everyday we balanced the risks of staying pregnant versus delivering the boys.

Teddy ended up have a number of problems post birth, I’m convinced that if we delivered any earlier than 32-weeks, he wouldn’t have made it. Dr. Holbrook and Dr. Fausett followed the best plan of care for us, and delivered our babies safely. We waited as long as possible to give these guys the best chance of a normal life, which they both will have! One of our twins is thriving and the other is catching up, if it weren’t for those two incredible doctors, we would have lost both babies. They treated our babies as if they were their own, they brought our perfect little guys into this world safely. We are so grateful for Dr. Holbrook, Dr. Fausett and the entire team at Community!

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– Katie and Daniel Church, Helena, Montana