Pediatric Team Pilots Project to Provide Telemedicine in Montana

Beginning on July 6, a group of Montana pediatricians kicked off a pilot telemedicine project using the Ahana telemedicine platform to provide child-focused video visits to families in participating practices around the state of Montana, on weekends and evenings when medical home practices are closed. With generous support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Headwaters Foundation, and Ahana Pediatrics, a core group of CMC affiliated pediatricians – Chelsea Bodnar, Sarah Holexa, Emily Hall and Allison Young – are leading the state to find innovative ways to help kids in Montana receive pediatric-focused care, after-hours, in a way that communicates directly with the primary care provider. This effort uses a collaborative work force of Montana-based practicing pediatricians. Participating pediatricians are available to answer telemedicine calls from families and inform the primary care provider of any concerns that should be addressed the following day. Locally, Dr. Charlie Hastings, from Missoula Valley Pediatrics, Dr. Jennifer Reck, from Western Montana Clinic and Dr. Chris Jons with Missoula Pediatric Associates hospitalist group are all participating in providing care in this innovative way to children during this exciting pilot.

For any child who has an after-hours visit using the telemedicine platform, a note is sent to the primary pediatrician the following day to ensure that communication and collaboration with the medical home is always a priority.

“We believe that teamwork and clinical care can transcend our vast geography in Montana. We are unified by the shared goal to make the world better for everyone who cares for Montana’s children,” said Chelsea Bodnar, MD, team member and Ahana CEO.

During the initial 12-week pilot project the team will evaluate the telemedicine experience to better understand how this idea may serve to reduce barriers to pediatric-focused care in our rural state.

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